Minutes of 1st AIS Parent Council Meeting -2018/2019 held on 03.09.2018

Minutes 1st AIS Parent Council Meeting -2018/2019 Date | time03.09.2018/15:40 | Meeting called to order by Mr. Browne (Principal) In attendance List of attendees: Anna Stidahl Grade 9 - Deputy Representative (DR) Edd Smith 1A - DR Alfiya Mol 1A - Representative (R) Sofie Holte 3A - R Kavita Chaudhary 8 – R Sudhil Mishra 1B - DR Malgorzata Gradziel 2A – R Nagarajan Lakshmanan 1B – R Mark Williams 10 – R Kate Rushdy

Minutes May meeting

Minutes of the Parents’ Council meeting of 7 May 2018
Principal’s update Recruitment of new teachers Candidate for Grade 3 position has been selected and contract is being finalized. With regards maternity and paternity cover for Grade 4, the decision has been made to employ a new member
of staff as opposed to bringing in a supply teacher. It is believed the children will benefit from having more
consistency and better contact with a regular replacement. This position is to be offered to one of the
shortlisted Grade 3 candidates. Contract is being finalized for the MYP Performing Arts teacher (currently 80% but liable to expand) Additional Norwegian teacher has also been selected. Mr Robert will inform parents of new appointments and updates will be made on the Staff page.

School Expansion Mr Robert informed that not a lot of work had been undertaken with regard the school expansion due to other
ongoing activities, however he is in dialogue with Asker Kommune and will be following up in due c…

Minutes PC meeting April 2018

Minutes of the Parents’ Council meeting of 9 April 2018 Grade Type of Representative Present at meeting 9 April 2018 1a Parent Evgenia Lynum x Deputy Kyle Depew X (points 1-3) 1b Parent Gobind Singh Gill x Deputy Birute Stankuniene