January Meeting

Type of Representative

Present at meeting 8 January 2018
Evgenia Lynum

Kyle Depew

Gobind Singh Gill

Birute Stankuniene

Thilanka Madugodage

Dmitry Ilinskiy

Derya Ongen

Birendra Kumar

Philmar Middelthon


Thrasyvoulos Gryparis

Anastasia Solomonova (Solomonova) Hole

Kate Rushdy

Tara Tinholt

Jennifer Fagan

Head of PC
Anne Lise Kielland

Tessa Howell

Mette Reitz

Ragnhild Krøglid

Prashant Kanungo

Heidi Robertson

Frode Olsen

Cecilia Cantos
Andrew Langridge

Elizabeth Olsen

Anne-Valérie Sickinghe
X (Minutes secretary)

Mark Williams

School Principal
Robert Browne (RB)
X (during pt. 1)
Asker International School Parent Council meeting, 8 January 2018

1 - Update from the Principal
School premises
RB had a meeting with Asker’s counsellor and the principal of Risenga ungdomsskole. The tone of the meeting was positive.
Landøya ungdomsskole will be moving out of the building in June 2018, and Risenga ungdomsskole will be
temporarily moving in in November 2018, based on current information.

There will be more space for AIS this year, and additional classrooms from August 2018. AIS will potentially have more access to the gym. The barracks on the school grounds will be extended, this will unfortunately restrict the playground. AIS’s access to space and school premises is temporary, and based on demand. RB will work to ensure as much continuity as possible.

The «kommune» (Asker municipality) stated that they currently have no plans for the school after Landøya moves out. It was suggested that the kommune may now be interested in discussing the possible purchase of the building, but this needs to be evaluated over time. It is therefore important to officialize all agreements.

Several positions will be advertised at the start of 2018: one teacher for PYP, one teacher for MYP. The school will also need an extra PE teacher next year. The school already has a qualified PE teacher to substitute for Andrew Johns during his paternity leave.

AIS receives many applications, but not all applicants are suitable or qualified. Contracts for teachers are mapped on Utdanningsforbundets collective wage agreements.

Transformations are necessary if the offices and meeting rooms near the reception are to be used
as classrooms. This is because walls, windows and ceilings need to comply with fire safety regulations.

Due to construction work, it is difficult to organize SFO during the summer holidays. This is not a finalised decision, however the school may find itself having construction work hindering the possibility of facilitating SFO. This will be continuously evaluated as we near Summer.

All grade 1 places for next year have been filled, there are 60-70 children on the waiting list.

Lunch provisions: despite some low-level problems, the arrangement seems to be working well enough.

2 - Changes in the Parent Council

Robert Jones, grade 7 representative, will be out of the country because of work obligations.
In his absence, his wife Cecilia Cantos will represent grade 7 in meetings and act as deputy for the
head of PC. The Deputy member for grade 7, Haseung Choi, has relocated to the USA, and grade 7
has a vacancy for a new deputy. The PC greatly appreciates the grade 7 representatives’ initiative in
dealing with the changes.

3 - Accounts
A summary of the AIS Parent Council account from August 2017 to December 2017 was attached to
the agenda sent out ahead of the meeting. PC treasurer Mette Reitz (MR) presented the highlights:
Halloween gave us 1.713,- in expenses, The Winter Concert gave us an income of 11.795,-.
As of 31.12.2017 the balance in the PC account showed NOK 29.161,-
It was agreed in a previous meeting that funds were to be donated to equipment decided on by
teachers Anja Gharaibah (AG) and Andrew Johns (AJ). Grade 1a representative Kyle Depew has
received a detailed list from AJ, whereas AG was interested in having a budget for more advanced equipment. The PC will donate a budget of 5000 kr to AG, while the budget for AJ’s equipment will be decided as soon as it is determined how much is needed. AJ will be on paternity leave until March 2018 and will be allowed to purchase equipment himself upon his return. It is, however, important to inform students’ families about the application of the funds as soon as possible.
MR urges event organizers to give her receipts for re-imbursement ASAP. It is also possible to receive PC funds ahead of events, so that organizers avoid outlaying their own money.

Kate Rushdy will talk to the student council about their input on how PC funds could be spent (we expect them to have a wish list).

At the end of the school year, MR will inform the PC about usage of PC funds.

A moneybox, to be used at the different PC driven events, was requested.

4 - Thermometer

The absence of a thermometer at AIS, and the necessity of it, was once again discussed. ALK will
contact the school nurse about the matter.

5 - The Winter Concert
The arrangement was a great success, the venue good, and the raffle successful. As always, there is
room for improvement. Next year should look closer at the possibility of selling cake before the concert
and spread the cake stations a bit more to avoid the tight crowd in front of the exit.

6 - Disco night and student ball
The Disco night (for grades 1-5) will take place on 16 March. It will be organized by grade 1A.
The Student ball (for grades 6-9) will take place on 2 March. It will be organized by grade 8. Since the
PC rep and deputy for grade 9 has no event of their own planned this year, it was suggested that they
join grade 7 in organizing this event.
If the PC takes on the responsibility for food and drink, the school will provide the rest.
For the student ball, RB has suggested a ticket price of 300 kr and catering by Chef Mirati. The PC
found the suggested ticket price rather steep, and will look into alternatives. The PC will also look into
the viability of investing in permanent student ball equipment, such as crockery and cutlery.
MYP students will be involved in organizing the event.
It was suggested that AIS organize a summer barbecue at the end of the school year. This will be a low-key, pot luck style event.

7 - Coffee morning
The next coffee morning will take place on Friday 19 January. Time and place will be posted on the AIS
parents’ Facebook page.

Our next meeting will be on Monday 5 February at 15:40.

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